The mobile app Cebia Foto is used to capture the condition of a vehicle when closing an insurance policy. The photo documentation serves to protect your rights and the rights of the insurance company in the event of a possible insurance claim settlement.

The mobile app is available for free in the Czech and Slovak versions of Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Until the vehicle condition is photographed, the insurance is not valid to its full extent, and in the event of an insurance claim, your deductible can be as high as 90%. Therefore, it's advisable to photograph the vehicle as soon as possible.

How to proceed

You will need a smartphone with Android or iOS
  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Take pictures of the vehicle according to the instructions
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Issuance of the certificate

Scan the QR code

Using your Android or iOS smartphone, scan the QR code on the "Klientský kupon" document you received when purchasing the policy together with the insurance contract. Reading the QR code automatically starts the download of the Cebia Foto mobile app.

Open Cebia Foto app and scan QR code

Take pictures of the vehicle according to the instructions

After installation, your contract information is automatically uploaded to the application and you can start taking photos. The application will guide you through the entire process, or you will also find video instructions on how to proceed when taking photos.

Please follow a few rules when taking photos:

  • Take pictures of the washed vehicle, during the day and in good weather.
  • All vehicle windows must be retracted (including the sunroof).
  • Take all the photos in the same place.
  • Take photos of all (even minor) vehicle damages!

Wait for approval

After sending the photos, do not delete the Cebia Foto mobile app and keep your notifications turned on. After the approval of the photos, the application will send you a notification about the successful completion of the tour, or you will be asked to retake unsatisfactory photos.

Only after all the photos have been approved will we send you the VINFOTO CERTIFICATE, which concludes the inspection and you can delete the application. Information about the successful completion of the inspection is automatically forwarded to your insurance company, so you no longer need to inform it in any way.

Issuance of the certificate

After the inspection is approved, we will issue the VINFOTO CERTIFICATE with an assessment of the vehicle's condition, which we will automatically send to you and the insurance company.

1 – No visible damage

  • No traces of damage to the body or damage to glass were found.

2 – Minor damage to vehicle glass

  • Only damage to glass was found.

3 – Minor damage aside from damage to glass

  • Only traces of damage to the body were found, the glass was undamaged.

4 – Minor damage to glass and other parts of the vehicle

  • Traces of damage to the body and damage to glass were found.

5 – More extensive damage (damage cannot be specified)

  • The damage apparently exceeds 5 % of the vehicle price and cannot be specified exactly.
video instructions: Cebia Foto
video instructions: Cebia Foto Skla


Frequently asked questions

Is taking a photo of the vehicle mandatory?

Yes. Photo documentation must be taken as soon as possible after taking out the insurance. If you do not take the photo documentation by the given deadline, your co-payment may be up to 90% in the eventual liquidation of the insurance claim. The insurance company can also cancel the policy completely.

Can I download a copy of the VINFOTO CERTIFICATE?

Of course. You can verify the validity or download a copy of the certificate on the Certificate Verification page.

Can I delete the Cebia Foto mobile app from my phone?

You can delete the application only after all photos have been approved and you have received the VINFOTO CERTIFICATE. Until then, the application is used for your communication with Cebia.

What if I don't have a technical license or registration plate yet?

Technical license or registration plate are not mandatory for the inspection. However, the insurance company itself can ask you for them later.

Can I send corrected images by email?

Unfortunately, no. Photos must be taken directly in the Cebia Foto mobile application, otherwise they will not be accepted.

If the photo is not successful, do I have to re-photograph the whole car?

If we ask you to correct one of the images, it is not necessary to re-photograph the entire vehicle, but only the required views.

What should I do if I don't have a smartphone?

If you have a loved one who owns a smartphone, they can do the inspection for you. Alternatively, you can book a photo shoot at one of our authorized workplaces. However, this service may incur a charge.

What should I do if my photo shoot doesn't go well?

If you repeatedly fail to take photos, you can order a photo shoot at one of our authorized locations. However, this service may incur a charge.

I can't download the mobile app. What should I do?

The mobile application can only be downloaded in the Czech and Slovak versions of the Google Play and App Store applications. Please check the country setting on your phone and, if necessary, change it to the Czech Republic or Slovakia (depending on the country in which your vehicle is insured).

What should I do if I can't find the "Klientský kupon"?

Please contact your insurance company directly, which will provide you with the document.

What is the difference between Cebia Foto and VINFOTO?

VINFOTO is the name of the vehicle inspection itself. Cebia Foto is a mobile app that can be used to make the VINFOTO inspection.

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