Non-stop hotline to report a stolen vehicle: +420 222 207 222

Procedure in case of vehicle theft

  1. Immediately report the theft of the vehicle to the OCIS Help Desk by calling the non-stop line:: +420 222 207 222.
  2. An operator will help you fill out the "OCIS System Stolen Vehicle Report" and discuss further steps to be taken with you. You can also fill out the form yourself (download here) and send it to us at .
  3. Information about the theft will be entered into the OCIS System under "missing vehicle"
  4. Immediately report the theft of the vehicle to the police, tell them that the vehicle is registered in the OCIS System, and tell them that the vehicle is marked with a glass code - sand blasted or etched
  5. Send a copy of the stolen vehicle report filled out with the police to the OCIS Help Desk. The case in the OCIS System will then be filed under "stolen vehicle".
  6. Thanks to Cebia's information and communication network, the stolen vehicle report will not only become available to the general public, but also to our partners such as insurance companies, leasing companies, authorized dealers, used car dealers and service stations, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

What is the OCIS HelpDesk?

The OCIS Help Desk is the non-stop dispatch center of the Cebia post-theft service for reporting missing or stolen vehicles.

For clients using the FLEX service whose vehicle is registered in the OCIS System, in the event of theft the dispatch center provides the following services free of charge:

  • Entry of stolen vehicle data in the OCIS System
  • Immediate dissemination of this information to all partners in the OCIS System
  • Free transport to the CR of vehicles located abroad

The price of transporting stolen vehicles found outside the Czech Republic is often so high that it is prohibitively expensive for many motorists. These costs of clients for using the FLEX service are paid in full by Cebia.