We check:

  • Originality of documents
  • Visible and hidden identifiers
  • Originality of identifier design
  • Traces of hidden body repairs
  • Unauthorized tampering with the body

About the service

Do you want to be 100% certain that your car has not been illegally altered?

VINTEST is a physical inspection of the vehicle and a check of all its identifiers. The inspection ensures that all identifiers are original and have not been illegally altered to obscure the identity and origin of the vehicle.

The inspection checks not only the visible identifiers, but also the hidden identifiers, which are often unknown to counterfeiters. Not only is data checked, but it is confirmed to be original.

Identifiers are most often counterfeited in stolen vehicles, or vehicles that have had serious accidents that are put together from two or sometimes even more different vehicles.

Example of a counterfeit vehicle VIN code
Example of vehicles combined after accidents

Inspection process

The inspection typically lasts 2-3 hours and can be performed at over 20 locations.

  1. Vehicle document check
  2. Measurement of paint thickness (optional)
  3. Identifier check
  4. Magnetic-powder check
  5. Vehicle photo documentation
  6. Issue of certificate with assessment

Vehicle document check

  • Originality check
  • Verification of the accuracy of information listed
  • Verification that the VIN belongs to the vehicle

Measurement of paint thickness (optional)

  • Detection of traces of hidden body repairs
  • Check ensuring originality of welds around the VIN code

Identifier check

  • Check of all components bearing the VIN code of date of manufacture
  • Check of the engine serial number
  • Check of the model, production and customer tags
  • Check of the safety belt and glass codes
  • Check of body welding and its plastic protectors
  • Check of codes and originality of colors
  • Check of all hidden vehicle identifiers

Magnetic-powder check

  • Detection of tampering with vehicle body by using a magnetic suspension
  • Detection of unauthorized body repairs
  • Detection of rewelded VIN code
  • Detection of material fractures following poor quality repairs

Vehicle photo documentation

  • Photo documentation of exteriors and interiors
  • Photo documentation of visible identifiers
  • Photo documentation of traces of damage

Issue of certificate with assessment

Category „A“

Vehicle identifiers are not damaged, no criminal acts are suspected, information listed in the vehicle documents matches the information on the vehicle. No traces of secondary modifications were found on the vehicle identifiers.

If a vehicle is deemed category „A“, we give a 100% guarantee of the inspection results. Should the police nevertheless seize such a vehicle in the future and irrevocably take it from the owner due to non-original identifiers, then Cebia will reimburse the owner for the full time-adjusted value of the vehicle

Category „B“

Vehicle identifiers are damaged due to external tampering, but no criminal act is suspected.

Category „b“

Vehicle identifiers bear visible signs of external tampering – there is reasonable suspicion that a criminal act has been committed.

Category „C“

Information in the vehicle documents differs from information found on the vehicle, but no criminal act is suspected, the difference probably is due to an erroneous entry made by government administrators. No signs of secondary modifications were found on vehicle identifiers.

Category „c“

The vehicle documents are falsified or partially falsified – there is reasonable suspicion that a criminal act has been committed.

Visible identifiers

  • VIN stamp
  • Model plate
  • VIN plate behind front windshield
  • Costumer plate

Hidden identifiers

  • Parts with shortened VIN codes or internal manufacturer codes
  • These tend to be less accessible or in hidden places for manufacturer purposes during vehicle production

If - when selling a vehicle - someone presents you with a Cebia CERTIFICATE for VINTEST services, we recommend that you always check here to make sure it is genuine, free of charge (24 h day, 7 days a week). Unfortunately, every month Cebia discovers an average of 40-50 counterfeit CERTIFICATES.

Price list

  • Personal and service vehicle up to a total weight of 3.5 t
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks and buses with total weight over 3.5 t
  • Trailers and hitches
  • Construction and farming equipment
3,950 CZK
Protocol on the measurement of paint coat thickness indicating repaired parts of the vehicle (cannot be ordered separately) 400 CZK
Surcharge for performing VINTEST services at place of residence, dealership or at the seller
Prague 600 CZK
Bohemia 1,200 CZK
Moravia 1,800 CZK


Frequently asked questions

How long does the inspection take?

VINTEST inspection usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. The inspection has a well-defined methodical procedure in which technicians use a variety of instruments and software applications to measure and compare identifiers.

Is the vehicle disassembled during the inspection?

The inspection is non-destructive. In order to perform a quality check, some identifiers need to be accessed in few cases. However, these are always tasks commonly performed in any car repair shop. All sites are insured against damage to the vehicle during a VINTEST inspection.

Can I be present at the inspection?

Unfortunately, you can't. We often check identifiers that the counterfeiters do not yet know exist. It is in our interest and our customers' interest not to reveal the location of such identifiers to counterfeiters.

Can the inspection be done elsewhere than at an authorized location?

Yes, it can. If you do not want to or even cannot drive the vehicle on the roads, the inspection can be carried out where the vehicle is located.

What happens if counterfeited identifiers are found?

It is the responsibility of Cebia to inform the Police of the Czech Republic and the client of the service. The Police of the Czech Republic will then call on the holder of the vehicle to provide an explanation, or may seize the vehicle for a necessary period of time for further criminal proceedings. The further procedure is then governed by the relevant laws.

What to do if the VIN stamp is rusted?

The only option is to stamp out the VIN with replacement technology. Before that, however, it is necessary to contact the local municipal office of the municipality with extended competence with a request for stamping the VIN with replacement technology. If a secure identification of the vehicle is required, it is possible to undergo a VINTEST inspection. The VINTEST service is performed at locations throughout the country.

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To order, please fill out the form or contact us at +420 222 207 888. Service is provided at over 20 locations listed here. Inspections can also be performed at an alternate location by individual arrangement.

  1. Base price of service 3,950 CZK
  2. Surcharge for performing the service at a place of residence
3 950 Kč