Secure your car at home From 1,089 CZK

  • Easiest way to increase the security of your car
  • Significantly reduces the risk of theft
  • Proven prevention and protection
  • No need to visit a service station
  • Easy to do at home

About service

Do you want to effectively secure your car at home without having to visit a service center? Glass etching is an easy way to protect your vehicle from theft. Marked glass presents a significant obstacle for thieves to change the identity of a vehicle. A car with marked glass is difficult for thieves to sell, so they usually do not steal such cars.

The marking of glass is strongly recommended by the Police of the Czech Republic as well as by select insurance companies which provide a discount on insurance premiums for cars secured in this way.

Over 400,000 
secured vehicles

Reduces risk of theft

Etching kit

The SOZ OCIS car glass etching kit contains everything you need to etch glass. With the set you will also receive registration of your car in the OCIS system and one pre-paid year of FLEX services valued at 210 CZK free.

Contents of SOZ OCIS etching kit

  • Etching gel and application brush
  • 10 etching templates with the VIN code of your vehicle
  • 2 OCIS stickers
  • OCIS identification card
  • Certificate of vehicle registration in the OCIS system
  • Instructions

Price: 1,089 CZK including postage

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Procedure for etching windows

  1. Placing the code template on the vehicle windows
  2. Applying the etching gel
  3. Cleaning the etching gel off windows
  4. Removing the template
  5. Cleaning glass and placing a self-adhesive OCIS sticker

Security principles

Etched codes on the windows are additional vehicle identifiers that thieves must alter or remove after the theft.

When altering the identity of a vehicle, thieves change the VIN code stamped on the body. However, if the glass is also marked with the VIN code, thieves must get rid of these codes. Although the etched code can be removed by grinding, it is an unpleasant obstacle that risks breaking the glass.

In addition, when produced, windows are also given an approval mark containing the year of manufacture of the vehicle. When replacing windows, the thieves would have to get windows with the same year of production. Otherwise, they would risk the buyer discovering that all windows have been replaced, indicating either a bad crash or stolen car.

Vehicles with etched glass are therefore very unattractive to thieves.

Glass etching vs. sandblasting 

The main difference between etching and sandblasting is the quality of the code rendering. Sandblasting indelibly engraves the glass (any effort to remove the code will crack the glass), etching only marks the glass. A thief may not notice when sizing up the vehicle, but the level of security is higher with sandblasting.

More about glass sandblasting

FLEX service

Each secured vehicle is registered free of charge in the international OCIS system (Open Car Information System). Also, for the first year of registration the FLEX service is activated for the vehicle free of charge.

The FLEX service ensures essential steps are taken in the event of vehicle theft:

  • Registration of stolen car data in the OCIS System
  • Immediate handover of stolen car information to all OCIS System partners who track and return solen vehicles
  • Free arrangement of administrative steps required to transport located vehicles from abroad back to the CR

Customers can extend the FLEX service for an additional year for a fee of 210 CZK. For payment information, please contact us at


Frequently asked questions

Can I do glass etching myself?

Yes, definitely. Marking the glass is very easy and the instructions included in the etching kit will guide you through the whole process.

Is glass etching dangerous?

There is no danger when etching glass. However, we recommend that you keep the etching gel out of the reach of children and wash your hands thoroughly after application.

What is the difference between sandblasting and etching?

Etching only dulls the glass and, unlike sandblasting, the etched codes can be removed. The advantage of etching, however, is that you can etch the code onto the glass yourself at home using our etching kit.

Is glass etching sufficient security against theft?

Glass etching acts primarily as an effective theft prevention. We recommend to secure the car comprehensively and add mechanical security or GPS satellite security.

I bought a car with etched windows, what should I do?

An already secured vehicle can be re-registered to a new owner. Contact us via the contact form or email or phone +420 222 207 666. The registration transfer fee is 605 CZK.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Write or call us at +420 222 207 666

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Order etching kit

To order fill in the order form completely. Within a week of submitting your order you will receive an SOZ OCIS etching kit to mark glass with the vehicle's VIN code.

The price of the etching kit is 1,089 CZK including postage and handling and will be collected COD.

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Additional services

To order additional services contact us via the contact form, or by email at

OCIS self-adhesive sticker 26 CZK/pc
SOZ service kit
  • Etching gel and brush
121 CZK/pc
Registration of a vehicle in the OCIS system
  • Change in owner of a secured vehicle
  • Registration of a previously unregistered vehicle
605 CZK
Change of information in the OCIS system aside from change in vehicle owner 101 CZK
Issue of a duplicate OCIS CERTIFICATE 101 CZK
Issue of a duplicate OCIS identification card 101 CZK
Postage and handling 121 CZK
SOZ self-adhesive ethching template 86 CZK/pc
SOZ self-adhesive ethching template - 10 pieces 246 CZK

If when selling a vehicle someone presents you with a SOZ OCIS Cebia CERTIFICATE, we recommend always checking here to make sure it is genuine, free of charge (24 h day/ 7 days a week). Unfortunately, every month Cebia discovers an average of 40-50 counterfeit CERTIFICATES.