Basic History Check allows used used car dealers to share some of the information from Car History Report on the vehicle for free. Thanks to this, the selection and purchase of a used vehicle becomes significantly safer and more transparent for customers.

A free Basic History Check is offered by selected used car dealers and is also included in every complete Car History Report.

Used car websites

  • The biggest used car websites in the Czech Republic such as sauto.cz, aaaauto.cz or autoesa.cz provide their customers with a Basic History Check.

Onsite QR code check

  • Used vehicle dealers also provide a Basic History Check in their establishments in the form of QR codes placed behind the vehicle windows. By scanning the QR code, any customer can instantly view and check the history of the offered vehicle.

For each car we check

  • Mileage An overview of the odometer history allows you to determine with high accuracy whether the odometer has been tampered with.
  • Vehicle theft Check the vehicle against up to 12 police and private stolen vehicle databases.
  • Financing Verify that the car is not financed by one of more than 25 leasing companies.
  • Use as taxi Check whether the vehicle has been operated as a taxi in the past.


For buyers

  • Free basic overview of the car's history
  • Safer buying a used car
  • Discount for Car History Report

For sellers

  • Easy way to share vehicle history
  • More attractive vehicle advertisement
  • Increases the probability of a quick sale

If you want to promote the sale of your vehicle and provide your customers with a free Basic History Check, simply purchase the Car History Report, which also includes six additional useful checks. In the menu for sharing the report, you will find a link to its basic version. At the moment the service is available only in the Czech language.


Frequently asked questions

Is the Basic History Check a guarantee of good vehicle condition?

Basic History Check provides only basic information about the vehicle's history. All other important information (damage check, previous advertisement check, age and origin check, recalls and more) can be obtained by purchasing a complete Car History Report. When buying a used car, it is always essential to check its technical condition by a reliable technician.

Can private sellers also use the Basic History Check?

All customers who have purchased the Car History Report can use Basic History Check. After purchasing the report, you will find the Link to its basic version in the share menu.

Is damage history displayed in the Basic History Check?

Damage check is not part of Basic History Check. Damage check is available only in the complete Car History Report.

Is the provided information up-to-date?

The information given in Basic History Check is always up to date, which you can find in the header of each check.

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Information in the Basic History Check

All information provided about vehicles is only of an indicative nature and does not include any personal data.

Validity of the Basic History Check

The validity of all information provided in the Basic History Check is valid at the time of its issuance.