Protect your car and your life

  • In the event of an accident, it can save passenger lives
  • If there is a crash, it automatically calls for assistance 
  • Tracking and securing stolen vehicles
  • Works all over Europe
  • Mobile and web applications

Smart assistance

ALLIANZ BonusDrive is a smart telematic road assistance system developed by Cebia and the ALLIANZ insurance company. A small BonusDrive – SuperEasy unit is installed in the vehicle. It consists of a GPS locator, GSM module, impact sensor and control processor. The unit automatically takes care of all BonusDrive system functions.

Accident assistance

BonusDrive provides motorists immediate assistance in the event of an accident. The impact sensor automatically notifies an assistance service operator of the vehicle crash along with its location. The operator immediately contacts the driver to be able to send adequate assistance. If it is not possible to contact the driver, EMS is immediately dispatched to the vehicle.

Theft assistance

If the vehicle is stolen, thanks to the BonusDrive – SuperEasy unit operators can locate the vehicle upon request of the owner and then help police secure and return it.

Statistics and driving log

BonusDrive can keep a driving log, assess driving style, and display statistics. It is also able to constantly monitor the car battery status and send an SMS when the battery needs to charged or replaced. All driving data and parameters can be viewed at any time on the mobile or web application.

How does it work?

Simply install the small BonusDrive – SuperEasy unit, which automatically takes care of all functions. The client can then use them via the mobile or internet application.

The BonusDrive – SuperEasy unit includes:

  • GPS locator to determine vehicle position and movement
  • GSM technology to communicate with data centers
  • Sensors to assess impact strength
  • Control unit
  • Backup rechargeable battery
  • Unit meets European regulations and is approved for it in all types of personal vehicles (CE, E Mark, EMC, and R&TTE certifications).

How to order

  1. The first step is to take out an insurance policy with Allianz, request active assistance service with a BON 10% VIP discount and make your first premium payment.
  2. Then Cebia will send you a contact e-mail detailing further steps along with a draft BonusDrive ZAK contract.
  3. Send the signed contract back electronically.
  4. Along with contract confirmation, you will receive payment instructions from Cebia (price per unit + installation + service for 1 year). You will also obtain a client coupon for installation and a link to a list of authorized locations.
  5. Select an authorized Cebia location and call them to set up an installation appointment. At the selected location you will not pay any fee. If you have any problems, you will be assisted by operations and technical support.

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Frequently asked questions

How is the BonusDrive unit installed?

The installation of the unit, which takes about 40 minutes, is carried out exclusively by an Cebia Authorised location. You do not pay anything for the installation of the unit to the workplace (the installation is included in the invoice issued by Cebia), but you need to have a printed, completed and signed Client Coupon with you. Everything else is ready at the location. The workplace will issue and confirm the Installation Report and automatically notify the Allianz insurance company. 

How do I know that the unit is installed and active?

You will receive an SMS message confirming your BonusDrive services are active immediately after successful installation. The functionality of the vehicle unit is monitored by Cebia's Operations and Technical Support Department.

Does the vehicle have to be moving for the roadside assistance to call for help in a collision stronger than 2G?

Yes, the unit will only activate the assistance service if the vehicle is in use, i.e. started.

In the case of a parked vehicle, the need to save life is not anticipated. At that point, the vehicle's battery is being conserved, the unit has only minimal power draw.

Who pays for repairs to the unit caused by breakdown or damage during the period of insurance?

In the event of a failure, the unit is covered by warranty and will be replaced free of charge through Cebia. If the unit is damaged as a result of an accident, it is covered under the insurance policy. Cebia will remotely check the unit's functionality each time it is replaced.

Is the price different for individuals and companies?

No, the price is the same.

If the BonusDrive service is terminated (at the client's request), will the insurance discount be cancelled?

Yes, the 10% premium discount will be removed. The continuation of the contract is not dependent on the termination of BonusDrive.

What is the cost of removing the unit from the vehicle when it is no longer in use?

Uninstallation at an Cebia Authorised location is only carried out at the client's request for a fee of CZK 605 incl. VAT. Uninstallation can also be carried out on your own, but it is necessary to inform Cebia in advance. The unit can also be reinstalled in another vehicle at a Cebia Authorised location for a fee of CZK 605 incl. VAT.

Do I have to return the unit at the end of the contract?

Once you sign the BonusDrive contract and pay the amount for the unit, activation and services, the unit becomes your property.

Is the BonusDrive contract automatically renewed for a second and subsequent year?

Each yearly BonusDrive contract anniversary approaches, Cebia contacts you to enquire about continued service. You can decide for yourself whether to continue your services for another year.

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