During the inspection we check:

  • Vehicle exterior
  • Vehicle interior
  • Identification marks
  • Glass markings
  • Traces of vehicle damage

About the service

The VINFOTO inspection of the insured vehicle serves to document the actual condition of the vehicle when the insurance policy is taken out. Thanks to this photographic documentation, the insurance company has an accurate and truthful record of the vehicle's condition for the purpose of settling insurance claims.

The VINFOTO inspection is mandatory for the clients of some insurance companies. Insurance coverage goes into full effect only once the inspection has been performed!

Inspection process

The inspection, which typically lasts 25 minutes, can be carried out at over 1,600 locations.

Inspection at an authorized location

The inspection typically lasting 25 minutes can be performed at over 1,600 locations.

Inspection using the Cebia Foto mobile app

Some insurance companies allow their customers to perform an inspection using the Cebia Foto mobile app. Learn more about the Cebia Foto here.

Attention: In the documents for your insurance contract, check which inspection method your insurance company allows.

Detailed photo documentation containing:

Vehicle exterior

  • General condition of the exterior

Vehicle interior

  • Dashboard, front seats, general appearance, center console

Identification marks

  • VIN stamps, model plate, odometer reading, VIN code under the front windshield

Glass marking

  • Front windshield, rear windshield

Traces of vehicle damage

  • Detail of each instance of visible damage

Issue of certificate finding:

1 – No visible damage

  • No traces of damage to the body or damage to glass were found.

2 – Minor damage to vehicle glass

  • Only damage to glass was found.

3 – Minor damage aside from damage to glass

  • Only traces of damage to the body were found, the glass was undamaged.

4 – Minor damage to glass and other parts of the vehicle

  • Traces of damage to the body and damage to glass were found.

5 – More extensive damage (damage cannot be specified)

  • The damage apparently exceeds 5 % of the vehicle price and cannot be specified exactly.

If when selling a vehicle someone presents you with a Cebia VINFOTO CERTIFICATE, we recommend that you always check here to make sure it is genuine, free of charge (24 h day, 7 days a week).

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the inspection take?

It takes approximately 25 minutes to take and process the photo documentation of the vehicle. If a vehicle window marking is also ordered, it will take 45 to 60 minutes.


Can the inspection be done elsewhere than at an authorized location?

Yes it can, Cebia can perform photo documentation directly at the client's site. However, the client is responsible for the costs associated with the worker's travel.

What happens if the inspection is not carried out in due time?

There may be a breach of the insurance contract and the vehicle is unlikely to be insured in full or at all. Please refer to the insurance policy for full details or contact your insurer.

What are the benefits of the inspection for the client?

In case of any dispute about the identification of the vehicle or during the settlement of an insurance claim, photographs of the vehicle are available to confirm the authenticity or interference with the vehicle identifiers.

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How to order

  1. Search for a suitable location in the list of Cebia authorized locations
  2. Contact the location and schedule a time to bring by your vehicle
  3. The inspection lasts approximately 25 minutes (or 45 to 60 minutes if VINFOTO involves marking the glass)
  4. To perform a  VINFOTO inspection it is necessary to bring with you:
    • Client coupon from the insurer

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