Protect your health and your vehicle From 2,300 CZK

  • In the event of an accident it can save passenger lives
  • Automatic emergency calling during an accident
  • Stolen vehicle tracking and retrieval
  • Discounts on vehicle accident insurance
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Mobile and web applications

Keep tabs on your car and protect your life

Cebia SAT is a modern satellite security system for vehicles. A small smart unit in the vehicle performs the most important task – in case of an emergency, it provides swift aid to car passengers. 

Did the vehicle have an accident? Was it stolen? Did the driver have an acute health problem?

Cebia SAT will always take care of it: In the event of a serious collision it automatically calls for assistance at the location. And, in the event of theft, the vehicle is tracked and secured by staff at the central security desk.

  • Over 20,000 vehicles are secured by Cebia SAT
  • Over 110 professional installation locations all around Czechia
  • Up to a 20% discount on accident insurance

Service versions

Cebia SAT Easy BT

  • Passive protection – without monitoring by the central security desk. If the vehicle is stolen, the vehicle is tracked and returned at owner request.
  • Active impact sensor – during an accident the system automatically calls for assistance.
  • Simple installation of a satellite GPS unit connected to the vehicle's battery.
  • SOS button in the vehicle cabin (wireless).
  • Installation performed by professionals at an authorized location

Cebia SAT Security

  • Active protection - non-stop monitoring by the central security desk. If an attempt is made to steal the vehicle (unauthorized movement of the vehicle or disconnection from the battery) an alert is immediately generated and the owner is contacted. After theft is confirmed, a search commences for the vehicle, which is subsequently secured and returned to the owner.
  • Active impact sensor – during an accident the system automatically calls for assistance.
  • Hidden installation of the satellite GPS unit makes it more difficult to detect or uninstall.
  • SOS button in the vehicle cabin (wired).
  • Installation performed by professionals at an authorized location

Both versions include:

  • Backup battery in the event power is lost
  • Works all over Europe
  • Statistics and driving log
  • Mobile and web application

I am interested in the Cebia SAT

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The security system can be installed at over 110 authorized locations throughout the CR.

Insurance discounts

Insurance companies offer discounts of 5–20% on accident insurance for the installation of active Cebia SAT security systems.
Your insurance broker can inform you of the particular terms, amount of discount offered and other benefits.


Frequently asked questions

Which vehicles is the security designed for?

Cebia SAT is suitable for all commonly used cars and vans.

What is the difference between active and passive vehicle protection?

When the vehicle is actively guarded, the car is constantly under the supervision of the central security desk. If the satellite unit detects unauthorized manipulation of the vehicle (unauthorized movement or power disconnection), it immediately sends an alarm. The alarm is immediately dealt with by the central security desk by contacting the owner or initiating a search for the vehicle and securing it.

In passive guarding, the vehicle is not under constant surveillance and the search for the vehicle is initiated only after the owner's request. Without a request from the owner, the vehicle is not tracked or located or secured.

What is the central security desk?

A central security desk is a workplace of a security agency or police that supervises guarded vehicles around the clock. In the event of an attempted theft, it then organises the immediate tracking of the vehicle's movements, its seizure and its return to the owner.

How does the active impact sensor work?

The sensor can detect a vehicle crash. It accurately detects the force of the impact and the course of the accident. It records the direction and energy of partial impacts in the axes of the vehicle. If the sensor evaluates the impact as a real accident, it automatically triggers an alarm at the assistance operators' workplace and sends them a recording with details of the accident and the location of the incident.

Can Cebia SAT be installed in vehicles equipped with a conventional car alarm?

Yes, it can. If the car alarm is reliable and does not suffer from false alarms, it can be connected to the satellite unit. The owner and, optionally, the central security desk will be notified by SMS of an alarm caused by the car alarm.

Can the accident information captured by the telematic unit be used as evidence?

Yes, it can. Data captured by motion sensors is usually accepted by police and insurance companies as conclusive. In many cases, questionable patterns of e.g. chain-reaction traffic crashes have been proven in this way.

What happens when the telematics unit malfunctions?

Satellite units have very few failures. Technical support monitors the condition of the installed units almost continuously and, in the event of a failure, immediately contacts the vehicle owner and recommends a service check as soon as possible.

What is GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is originally a military navigation system operated by the US Department of Defense. Using an array of satellites, the system can determine the position of a GPS device to within a few meters. Today, it is also widely used outside the military - e.g. in vehicle guarding. Cebia SAT units also use other satellite systems for positioning, such as GLONASS and, more recently, Galileo.

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The Inter Partner Assistance Company offers Cebia SAT customers a wide range of assistance services in all European countries covered by the "Green Card". An assistance service operator can be contacted by calling +420 272 101 020.

The SECURITAS CZ Company prevents vehicle theft through monitoring at its central security desk (CSD). A SECURITAS operator can be reached by calling tel. +420 284 018 320‑29 nebo +420 724 844 928.