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The Cebia REPORT is the simplified result of the AUTOTRACER online inspection of vehicle history. The Cebia REPORT increases the value of vehicles with a known history. Vehicles with a known clean history can then be advertised or sold directly at higher prices than vehicles with no known history or a history of incidents (e.g. odometer tampering).

You can find out whether a Cebia REPORT can be obtained for a vehicle you are interested in by looking at the information available for the vehicle after entering its VIN in the AUTOTRACER online vehicle history check. Enter the VIN

Did you know that

  • the Cebia REPORT was created through exclusive collaboration with the largest Czech advertising site Sauto.cz? Thanks to this cooperation Sauto.cz users can add a Cebia REPORT directly to their vehicle ad. This makes the ad more attractive than others and also enables buyers to quickly check the vehicle history.


  • The Cebia REPORT is not a comprehensive analysis by the AUTOTRACER system. To obtain all information about a vehicle including records of any possible prior damage, service records, ad history, manufacturer accessories etc., always check in the AUTOTRACER system.

Assessment category

  • Odometer check Vehicle odometer history including current reading listed by the seller.
  • Stolen vehicle check Check in the stolen vehicle databases of the Czech and Slovak police.
  • Financing check(leasing) Verification whether the vehicle is not being leased by one of over 25 leasing companies.
  • VIN check Verification whether the VIN code has the proper format and corresponds to the declared make and model of the vehicle.
  • Year of manufacture check You would search in vain to find the year of manufacture in the technical certificate. Fraudsters take advantage of this and often list a false year of manufacture that can differ from the actual date by several years.

Each category is assigned one of three values:

  • The category checked is free of defects.
  • The category checked cannot be assessed to a lack of information.
  • The category checked exhibits significant defects.

Advantages of the Cebia REPORT

For the buyer

  • Easier to choose a used vehicle
  • Basic overview of vehicle history
  • 50% discount on AUTOTRACER inspection
  • Certainty of not buying a stolen vehicle

For the seller

  • Highlights the car on advertising sites
  • Demonstrates a clean vehicle history
  • Greater likelihood of a quick sale

If when selling a vehicle someone presents you with a Cebia CERTIFICATE verifying vehicle origin, we recommend that you always check here to make sure it is genuine, free of charge (24 h day/ 7 days a week). Unfortunately, every month Cebia discovers an average of 40-50 counterfeit CERTIFICATES.


Frequently asked questions

Is Cebia REPORT a guarantee of good car condition?

Cebia REPORT provides information on basic vehicle history check. If you want to be sure that the car is in good order in terms of other checks, we recommend checking it in the AUTOTRACER system at the same time; if the vehicle is imported from abroad, we recommend checking its origin (PROVIN service) and having its technical condition checked by an independent technician or at a garage. At the same time, consider checking the vehicle's originality (VINTEST service). This is recommended especially for more expensive vehicles or vehicles imported from abroad with unclear origin.

Are previous damages to the car displayed in Cebia REPORT?

Cebia REPORT highlights the possible existence of previous total damage to the vehicle, but does not take into account so-called partial damage of a smaller or larger extent. In order to view previous damage to the vehicle, it is necessary to check it in the AUTOTRACER system.

What should I do if the seller states a different year of manufacture than in the Cebia REPORT?

Be sure to inform the seller of this fact and ask why they state a different date. If the difference is more than 12 months, the vehicle may be mistaken for being younger and therefore offered at a higher price.

What should I do if I have doubts about the authenticity of the Cebia REPORT?

If you suspect an irregularity, use the Certificate Verification service found on this page or scan the QR code located directly on the Cebia REPORT.

How to place Cebia REPORT on Sauto.cz website?

Cebia REPORT can be inserted on Sauto.cz when creating a new ad in step 4.To insert it, just enter the certificate number including all dashes (e.g. CR-001A-19-9922111). The Cebia REPORT can also be inserted afterwards in the ad editing section.

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Information in the Cebia REPORT
All information provided about vehicles is only of an indicative nature and does not include any personal data.

Validity of the Cebia REPORT
The validity of all information provided in the Cebia REPORT is valid at the time of its issuance.