Cebia Smart Code is a modern and fast way to check basic vehicle history data directly at the used car dealer's location. By scanning the Smart Code (QR code) placed behind the vehicle's window, you can view selected vehicle history data on your mobile phone for free.

The free Cebia Smart Code history check is offered by selected used car dealers in the Czech Republic. The Cebia Smart Code does not replace Car History Report.

Quick and easy vehicle check

  • Any mobile phone is all you need to check the vehicle history. Simply scan the QR code to get a basic overview of the vehicle history.
  • The Cebia Smart Code will also check the VIN code of the vehicle. You can use the VIN code to check the complete history of the vehicle using Car History Report.
  • If the vehicle is not equipped with a Cebia Smart Code, ask the dealer for a complete Car History Report.

Cebia Smart Code checks

  • Mileage

    An overview of historical odometer records to check whether the odometer has been tampered with.

  • Vehicle theft

    Check the vehicle against up to 12 police and private stolen vehicle databases.

  • Financing

    Verify that the car is not financed by one of more than 25 leasing companies.

  • Use as taxi

    Check whether the vehicle has been operated as a taxi in the past.

  • Vehicle specs

    Basic vehicle specifications including date of manufacture and the first registration.

List of dealers (5)

Seller Location Web Cebia Smart Code
Auto A1 Olomouc www.autoa1.cz YES
Autocentrum DAVO CAR Olbramovice www.davocar.cz YES
Autohvězdy - Josef Trpišovský Olomouc www.autohvezdy.cz YES
Romino Car Plzeň www.rominocar.cz YES
Štěpánek Auto Kladno www.stepanekauto.cz YES


Frequently asked questions

Can private sellers use the Cebia Smart Code?

Cebia offers the Smart Code exclusively for used car dealers who are Cebia partners.

Is Cebia Smart Code a guarantee of good car condition?

Cebia Smart Code provides basic vehicle history check. If you want to be sure that the car is in good condition in terms of other checks, we recommend that you also check the car in AUTOTRACER and have its technical condition checked by an independent technician or a garage.

Does Smart Code also check previous damage to the car?

Cebia Smart Code check does not include a check for previous damage to the vehicle. To check if the vehicle has been crashed in the past, check it in AUTOTRACER.

What should I do if I want to use a Cebia Smart Code?

If you are a used car dealer and would like to use Cebia Smart Code, please contact us

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