AUTOTRACER on-line vehicle history - What do we Check

In this section you will find a list and description of all the types of information about a vehicle that we archive. Not all the information may be available about each vehicle and vice versa, we may have multiple records for one vehicle.

Odometer reading

You will learn the odometer reading in a given period and in a simple graph you can see how the reading developed  in time and find out whether it was tampered with illegally.

Year of manufacture

The year of manufacture is no longer specified in certificates of roadworthiness and the actual date may differ by 1 or 2 years and sometimes by as much as 5 or 6 years. We will tell you the actual year of manufacture, which has a major impact on the price of a vehicle.

Check in the database of stolen vehicles maintained by the Police of the Czech Republic and the Police of the Slovak Republic

We check whether  the vehicle is registered as stolen as of a given day.

Check leasing / credit in the Czech Republic

We will determine whether the vehicle is not financed by any of more than 20 leasing companies.

Records of service operations

These records provide an overview of service operations carried out to the vehicle as part of its repair or general servicing.

Records of damage

We provide you with a list of registered vehicle damage. More detailed information can be added to the list if it is available in the system.

Records of Cebia examining and documenting

We will tell you the result of our previous examination of your vehicle. We can have the results of the check on the vehicle’s foreign origin and / or the result of a physical inspection of the vehicle identifiers and / or photographs of the vehicle condition as of the relevant date.

Outputs from the OCIS system

If your vehicle is secured by OCIS sandblasting or etching the windows or the vehicle has labelled body parts, we will tell you the marked code and registration date.

Sales records

This is to verify whether a change of the vehicle owner was registered. This review is particularly interesting for vehicles for which only a duplicate of the certificate of roadworthiness is available and it is impossible to identify the previous owner.

Technical description

Technical description lists important parameters based on which the model version of the vehicle type approved for operation. Compare these parameters with the data in the certificate of roadworthiness.

Instructions for basic vehicle control identifiers

We supply text and video instructions for physical checking of a selected vehicle. You will be able to compare the VIN, for example, welds on the vehicle, and other identifiers, with photos of the factory model.


Using objective information about the vehicle from the AUTOTRACER system you will create a CERTIFICATE Cebia REPORT, which will increase the credibility of your vehicle if you sell it.

The AUTOTRACER system users should note that the information is entered by our partners in the system without the possibility of verifying its accuracy. All the information is of a purely informative character. If the state of a vehicle is significantly inconsistent with the information provided in the AUTOTRACER system, it is advisable to contact an expert to verify the actual state of the vehicle.